r!outlaw <@user>

You have to be in the same channel as the @user you're targeting.

Characters may only be Outlawed by the Lord Mayor or the King. Once Outlawed, a character is effectively banished from Rosewood, and exists outside the protection of the French Legal Code, meaning that their lives are forfeit if they ever cross the wrong person. Not all Outlaws are violent, or even dangerous, however, people speak of them as if they are the scum of society, not to be trusted, and live as heinous villains. Outlaws have their left ears pierced with a specific tool, leaving a sizable hole in a specific shape, which enables anyone to recognize an Outlaw on sight.

This is why most people see a "Banishment sentence" as a death sentence because Headhunters and desperate warriors often roam the woods outside Rosewood looking for any potential Outlaws. The City often grants bounties for these criminals but does not want to execute them themselves, mostly out of matters of ethics. Outlaws are therefore forced to relocate to another settlement and lie about their past in order to start a new life. If they are ever found out, they are likely to be banished from that place as well, since no settlement wants to harbor Outlaws from the Capital.

In addition to being Outlawed through trials, people can also be Outlawed manually by the Lord Mayor without a trial, if for some reason a trial cannot be established and the person's guilt is obvious. This is done through the outlaw command that may be used on anyone below the Mayor's rank. Alternatively, the Mayor can, at any point, lift someone's Outlaw status by using the outlaw command on them while they have the Outlaw role. If someone's Outlaw status is revoked, they will have to have their ear pierced once more to signify they are no longer an Outlaw. If a person has an odd number of holes, then they are still wanted, whereas if the number is even, they have been pardoned.

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