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A page detailing the Scribe role within Medieval Discord and their transcribe and alm commands.


When someone joins the Clergy, they will start out as a Scribe. Scribes will spend their day transcribing and translating certain texts for buckles. Additionally, they are ordered around by the higher ranks in order to accomplish menial tasks. In order to become a Scribe, you will need to talk to the Pastor NPC and request to join (you also speak to him if you want to leave). He is who you talk to in order to rank up within the Clergy.




Used to transcribe/translate texts to or from Latin for coin. Using this command earns you slightly less coin than the basic work command due to the transcribe command not having an immediate cooldown.

  • Income: 2-4 coin

  • Minimum stamina: 40%

  • Stamina cost: 10


r!alm [amount of buckles]

Used to trade coins for piety by giving your money to the less fortunate of Rosewood, basically making you seem more pious and charitable.

Piety gain: [amount of buckles] / 5 Piety bonus: 10% for every 4th of your character's total wealth

The Alm command's piety output scales with the amount of buckles sacrificed. However, this also scales with your overall wealth. For every 4th of your wealth given, you receive an additional 10% piety.

  • 25-49% of your wealth gives you a 10% increase on piety

  • 50-74% of your wealth gives you a 20% increase on piety

  • 75-99% - 30% piety bonus

  • 100% - 40% piety bonus

In-depth guide

When joining the clergy, everyone starts off as a Scribe. Scribes are the lowest rank within the Clergy and as such have the least duties. When in the Clergy, people are given access to transcribe and alm, allowing them to work for gold, and for piety, respectively. Piety is what the Clergy uses in order to progress through the ranks, but also as a type of "spiritual currency" expended in order to use some of their exclusive commands. Their work is mostly done within the confines of the Cathedral, where they have a Scriptorium. They command no one and can offer little religious guidance. Scribes are known to form fraternities and sororities while in the lower ranks of the Clergy. These have no official status but are a good way of showcasing interpersonal relationships between low-ranked members.

Starting with Scribe, and going throughout the rest of the clergy, every man/woman takes oaths of celibacy, poverty, and loyalty to the Church. Breaking any of these can lead to you being tried and punished!


Piety is the "spiritual currency" of the clergy path and is used to progress through the ranks, as well as to use certain commands. Piety can be earned in many different ways (for example alm, preach, mass, etc.) Once you want your character to rank up, and you have enough piety to do so, you should go and speak to the Pastor NPC, where you will be able to spend your piety on a rank-up. It is important to maintain a positive piety balance since your character will lose 10 piety every week. In the event that your piety hits 0, for any reason, your character will lose their clergy role and will be given the Monk role instead, meaning they can't rejoin the clergy ever again.

  • Piety (Monday) weekly change: -10

This decay will not apply to your character for 7 days after you make them.

Additionally, there are certain things that will incur a piety penalty:

  • Becoming Pregnant (-10.000)

  • Using the pregnant command or being its target (-500)

  • Becoming Tipsy/Drunk/Wasted (-100)

  • Using the work command during a Sunday (-50)

When joining a clergy route, Scribes will be given the opportunity to spend 50 piety in order to join any route. However, depending on the ratio of members in the clergy, meaning their distribution among the routes, the entry fee may vary from 25 to 75 piety. This means that the least populated route will cost 25 piety to enter, while the most populated one will cost 75.

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