Combat Level

Initially, combat was supposed to be something used by every character on an almost equal footing. This has proven to be too unrealistic and too general. Combat now is something that should be exclusive to those charcters that mean to do harm onto others, those who practice fighting regularly because it is part of their core idenity. For the average person who just wants to make money, start a family, have a craft, combat should be their last choice in confrotnations and basically only engaged in instances where their life or the life of someone dear to them is in danger.

Each character has a combat level that represents their overall cXP (Combat Experience); in other words, how long they have been fighting and how good they are at it. The more a person invests in combat, the better they will become due to the passive modifiers each combat level gives them. There are three ways to earn cXP:

TrainingSparringLive Combat


  • [Lvl. 1] - (0 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 2] - (10 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 3] - (40 cXP)

Levels 1-3 can be earned by Training, Sparring, or engaging in Live Combat. However, after Level 3, training will stop giving you cXP.

  • [Lvl. 4] - (100 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 5] - (180 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 6] - (250 cXP)

Levels 4-6 can be earned by Sparring, or engaging in Live Combat. However, after Level 6, sparring will stop giving you cXP.

  • [Lvl. 7] - (330 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 8] - (400 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 9] - (500 cXP)

  • [Lvl. 10] - (700 cXP)

Depending on your combat level, your character will receive different roles IC corresponding to their skill in combat: [Level 1] - Rookie [Levels 2 and 3] - Amateur [Levels 4 and 5] - Experienced [Levels 6 and 7] - Skilled [Levels 8 and 9] - Battle-hardened [Level 10] - Unmatched

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