Headhunter πŸ“œ

A page detailing the Headhunter role within Medieval Discord and their seek command.


Headhunters are men and women who make a living by claiming the lives of outlaws and bandits and exchanging proof of their completed bounty in the Market. This is sponsored by the Royal Crown, however, their services are looked down upon because they often take on bounties placed by the general public. The more people kill, the more they are shunned in society. Since headhunters make a living off of taking lives, they are often ostracized if not actively excluded from society.



Used to engage bandits and outlaws in the #forest

  • Necessary tool: Any weapon

    • Location: Primary slot

  • Minimum Stamina: 10%

    • Raw Stamina Cost: 5

  • cXP Reward (Per Success): 1-3

  • XP Reward: 3

    • XP Reward Cooldown: 24h

    • XP Reward While on Cooldown: 30% chance at 1XP per seek

Success chance:

  • Base success chance: 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60% (increase with level)

  • (+)Strength: str%

  • (+)Weapon Slash: S%

  • (+)Horse: 10%

  • (+)Shield: 5%

  • (+)Armor:

    • Gambeson, Chain Mail: 10%

    • Brigandine, Rosewoodian Plate: 15%

Success/Fail results:

  • Fail: You will lose 20 HP

    • If your HP falls below 15: You will get Maimed

    • If your HP falls below 0: You will die

    • Rare outcome (2%) : You will be taken prisoner, robbed of all your coin and items, and then released.

  • Success: Proof of Bounty

    • Bonus Reward: 1-5% chance of a weapon/armor drop

Relationship with the Market and other Users:

Headhunters make a living by hunting down people who have bounties on their heads, be they Outlaws or simply people who someone wants dead. Additionally, they also attack Bandits, as their heads also bring a lot of profit for them. The seek command, if successful will grant a number of "Proof of Bounty" which can be sold on the Market. Additionally, there is also a small chance that a successful seek will also drop random weapons/armor. Failing the seek command will incur a -20 HP penalty, meaning you can end up wounded, maimed, killed, or even kidnapped if you're really unlucky.

Characters with the Headhunter role have a buff during combat against other characters with the Bandit/Outlaw/Bounty role.

Unlike other criminals, Headhunters' work is not explicitly illegal, since Bandits and Outlaws are enemies of the Crown. However, their illegality comes from their readiness to accept illegal contracts like bounties.

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