While murder is illegal, paying someone to do it for you is not in most cases. Although bounties are seen as something immoral and undesirable, they still have their place within Rosewoodian society. Rival merchants, jealous officers, warring criminals, or sinful priests are the most common contractors that will contact one of the gangs in the City and request someone be killed on their behalf. However, commoners sometimes take part as well if they have enough money and enough reason to do so. The law is much harsher toward them; it's not a rare occurrence that when someone of low social stature places a successful bounty on a prominent member of society, they end up imprisoned, tried, and hanged for murder. Bounties only ever become a problem when there is a large disparity between the parties' social status or when high-ranking members of society are somehow involved.

A bounty is a set amount of money that a person has put on someone else's life. The contract can only be made by characters from the Infamy route.

Create Bounty

r!bounty-add <@user> <buckles>

@user - The user on who the bounty is being placed. buckles - The amount of buckles placed as a bounty. Minimum 500.

You must target a user that is not yourself, and place a number of buckles (minimum of 500) that will be deducted from your bank balance and added to the bank balance of the person who completed it, once the contract is completed. This means that upon slaying someone with a bounty on them, you will automatically get the bounty transferred to your bank balance.

If the character on whom the bounty was placed no longer exists on the server, then the bounty is canceled. You may only have one active bounty on someone, and on yourself at one time; no person may make two parallel bounties, and no one can have two on them at the same time. Additionally, if your character ceases to exist, the bounty you set will be canceled. Note that this doesn't mean when you die; as long as your character exists, whether alive or dead, the bounty will remain valid. Keep in mind that canceled bounties are not refunded.

You can't place a bounty on anyone with the following roles: -Captain -Bailiff -Archbishop -Inquisitor General -Head Medicus -Baron -Lord Mayor -King -Pope

When making a bounty contract, the Gang you're hiring will take an additional cut from your bounty that scales with how powerful the gang is; the more powerful the gang, the lower its cut. A gang's power scales with how many districts it has control over. Depending on how many it has, the lower the cut will be:

  • 0 Districts Controlled: 25%

  • 1 District Controlled: 20%

  • 2 Districts Controlled: 15%

  • 3 Districts Controlled: 10%

Bounties may only be canceled by a gang's NPC, so you will need to contact a gang member if you want one of their gang's bounties canceled. It will cost 50% of the original bounty to void a bounty.

Note that the Gang's cut will deduct an additional number of buckles from your balance. It won't take from the bounty itself. For example, if you set a bounty of 500 and your gang controls 3 districts, 550 buckles will be deducted from your balance.


This command will make it so the Bot DMs you a complete list of all active bounties, along with when they were set, by whom, by which gang, on whom, and for how many buckles.

The bounty-list command has a cooldown of 1h!

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