City Watch Route

The City Watch represents Rosewood's law enforcement. Their sole duty is to make sure the citizens of the Capital are well-protected and adhere to the French Legal Code.

The Watch are the successors of the Imperial Watch that was in place during the time of the Sirius/Neo-Carolingian Empire. During the Imperial Age, they were a lesser part of the Imperial Army and were known as Imperials. However, their reputation was always higher within their respective settlements. Previously, men and women could be transferred from one location to another during their tenure as Watch officers. After the dissolution of the Empire members of the Watch are beholden only to their liege lord, and the settlement they've been born in. Cities and Towns have an organized Watch structure, modeled lightly after the Imperial Watch, smaller settlements are not beholden to such restrictions. In most cases, the chief of the Watch is the Bailiff, who answers either to the Marshal or directly to the liege lord of the settlement. The Watch's equipment is provided by the liege lord, and they have uniforms to distinguish them from the rest of the citizenry. In Rosewood's case, they use repurposed Imperial clothing, dyed red, representing the Rose of Rosewood. Previously, members of the Imperial Watch had to salute, bow, or kneel to their superiors; this practice has not carried over to the reformed City Watch. All of its members are lowborn and will stay that way, and so therefore they don't deserve any courtly treatment.

In order to progress through the Watch, you will have to speak to the Trainer NPC and request a promotion from him if you've acquired enough experience. Note that if you have enough XP for multiple rank-ups, you will automatically rank up to the higher one You can leave the City Watch at any point, however, doing so will prohibit you from ever rejoining, and it will give you the Veteran role.

Joining the City Watch Route

To join the City Watch route, you must talk to the Trainer NPC in the #guardhouse. Anyone may join the Watch, and there are eight roles that can be progressed through:

City Watch Route Ranks:

RecruitPicketGuard 🏹Sergeant πŸ—‘οΈOfficer πŸ•Lieutenant 🐺Captain 🐻Bailiff πŸ‘οΈ

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