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A page detailing the Captain role within Medieval Discord and their kit command.


To be a Captain of the City Watch is to hold a prestigious position within Rosewood. As there is only a handful of them within the Watch, due to the fact that there is only one Captain per City District. They answer directly to the Bailiff and serve as their closest advisors and their right-hand people. Captains are randomly assigned to a District and will be responsible for its safety before the Bailiff. The people of Rosewood recognize them by their two red stripes, which they wear around their left bicep, while their uniform has a right wolf's fur shoulder guard and a left bear's fur shoulder guard.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 60 coin

  • Rank-up Requirement: 800 xp

  • Rank-up Rewards: Chain Mail, Horse

There can only be 5 PC Captains at a time. One for each District.



r!kit <@user>

Used to grant a @user the rank-up rewards of a specific rank. You will be presented with a drop-down menu wherein you'll be able to choose the specific kit you want to grant them.

  • Buckles Cost: Scales with Rank

    • Picket: 60

    • Guard: 80

    • Sergeant: 800

    • Officer: 300

    • Lieutenant: 900

  • Command Cooldown: 4h

This command should be used to restore someone's lost kit at a price. Note that you may not grant a character a kit that is from a rank higher than their current one. Also, Captains and Bailiffs cannot grant themselves kits.

In-depth guide

Captains play an active role in the war against crime within Rosewood, as they are the de facto Watch leaders of every residential district present on the server. If they fail to curb crime, or if they succumb to corruption and try to profit off of it, they will answer directly to the Bailiff. Depending on whether the Bailiff is corrupt or not, Captains may enjoy some liberties when it comes to how they handle crime, as in whether they cooperate with Rosewood's underground, or if they crack down on them without mercy. Cpts. often work closely with the Reeves of their respective districts, making sure to both give info to them and ask for their help when needed. Captains are given access to the kit command that can restore previously lost kits to other members of the Watch.

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