Medicinal Route

The Medicinal Route exists to offer medical aid to the people of Rosewood, free of charge, and sponsored by the Catholic Church.

The Medici of Rosewood are some of the most well-respected members of urban society. They are considered both learned and altruistic since their trade is based entirely on helping others.

In addition to the usual oaths taken during scribehood, everyone in the Medicinal route takes the Elisabethan Oath: "I shall offer help unto every and anyone who asks if it does not go against the will of my Lord God and if it does not cause harm to another. My services are both pro bono and with great love."

Joining the Medicinal Route

To join the medicinal route, you must talk to the Pastor NPC in the #cathedral and spend the appropriate amount of Piety which scales with the amount of currently active players in each route.

Base cost: 50 piety

If there is a lack of players in the Medicinal route, the base cost will go down automatically. The opposite applies if there are too many players in the route, meaning, the price increases.

Any scribe may choose to join the Leeches, and they have three roles they can progress through.

Medicinal Route Ranks

Helper πŸ›οΈMedicus 🩸Head Medicus βš•οΈ

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