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A page detailing the Head Medicus role within Medieval Discord and their Invigorate command.


The Head Medicus is the administrator of the Rosewood Infirmary and the main representative of all Medici within the Capital. They answer directly to the Archbishop in all matters except medicine. Their duties consist of running the infirmary, approving new medicinal practices, studying the human form and its capabilities, as well as leading the Medici of Rosewood. They are well-known within the City, and likely very respected among the commoners as their services are essential, but also pro bono.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 50 coin

  • Rank-up Cost: 500 piety

  • Rank-up Rewards: Medicus Ring

The Head Medicus can also use the heal command, but they may also mention up to two more people to target with the command, bringing their heal to a maximum of 3 people at a time.



r!invigorate <@user>

Used by the Head Medicus in order to physically prepare someone for combat by giving the Invigorated role.

  • Piety Cost: 150 piety

  • Command Cooldown: 24h

The Invigorated role gives the user a massive stat boost during combat, in both the attack and damage rolls. After the user's attack, the role disappears.

In-depth guide:

The Head Medicus would work closely with the Archbishop, taking care of the Infirmary, which is sponsored by the Catholic Church. There are other Head Medici within the cities of the Kingdom of France, but they usually don't meddle in the affairs of other cities or their Head Medicus. For the most part, their jobs are peaceful and they have a lot of popularity within their respective city. Preceding big battles or perhaps even tournaments, the wealthiest and noblest will probably be vying for the Head Medicus' favor in order to be invigorated before their fight. The Head Medicus has a special relationship with the Royal Family and is often considered to be their personal physician.

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