Self-Assignable Roles

At the very top of the channel list, you should find the Channels and Roles channel. Here, you'll be able to assign various optional OOC roles depending on your preference:

  1. Time Zone/Location (Set your location so people know if your time zones are compatible when roleplaying!)

  2. Welcome Party (When someone makes a character for the first time, the bot will send a message in general and welcome them, but will also tag this role so people can welcome them personally)

  3. Subscriber (Whenever a relevant post is made in the #announcement_board channel, this role will be pinged)

  4. Chat Revive (Anyone may ping this role if they see the general chat has been inactive for at least 6h. If you're pinged, you're expected to start a conversation)

  5. Ping to RP (People are able to ping this role in general when looking for an RP partner)

  6. Voice Chat (People are able to ping this role in general to ask others to join their Voice Chat)

  7. Games (This role will be pinged every time people are playing something in Voice Chat, or scheduling a gaming session in VC)

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