How to see other characters and commit them to your memory?

Previously, we have had to rely a lot on discord roles for conveying character information to other characters. Like knowing the age, SICS stats, weapons, and things like that. However, now we are able to store this data on our end and then allow others to experience other characters through an objective lens. Using the see command should not take away from descriptive RP, but it should lessen the burden on the target by providing an objective outlet for their objective features, thus further preventing any MetaRP in the future.

r!see <@user>

The see command is simple; when used on a character (even if they are dead and have the Intermission role), it lists the features that would be obvious to your character IC. The command will give you the following information:

  • The clothes a person has equipped

  • The jewelry a person has equipped

  • The armor a person is wearing

  • The rings a person has on their fingers

  • The footwear they are currently using

  • Anything they have equipped in both slots

  • The color of their hair

  • The color of their eyes

  • Their approximate height (shorter, slightly shorter, same, slightly taller, taller)

  • Their ethnicity (heritage)

  • Their gender

  • Their approximate age

  • Other overt roles like Fingerless


This command doesn't have a cooldown, which means you may use it on as many people as you're talking to or looking at. However, once you see someone, you won't be able to see that same character for at least 1 hour. After 1h has passed, you may use see on them again.

Notice that the command describes the bare minimum, like hair color, but not the style which it is done in. Any gaps that the bot leaves, you need to fill in through RP, if you want.

See chances

Using see in most channels will succeed. However, there is a group of channels (#main_square, #shops, every burh channel, #farmlands, #forest, every settlement outside of Rosewood) that are either densely populated or simply too vast to offer the certainty of seeing someone clearly. In this case, upon using the see command, the mentioned user will be given the choice to allow you to see them or not, which is Permission-to-See or PTS for short. It is up to the individual to determine whether the other person sees them or not in these channels. However, if they respond with NO, the bot will automatically roll a random chance to see if the person using the command will still see them regardless. Different channels have different success rates:

  • Main Square: 75% chance to see

  • Shops: 50% chance to see

  • Burh Channels: 40% chance to see

  • Farmlands: 25% chance to see

  • Forest: 10% chance to see

  • Outside Settlements: 5% chance to see

If you are meeting someone face-to-face, pressing NO is considered FailRP. You have a limited amount of time to answer the PTS request. Failing to respond in time will automatically choose the NO button.

Impact on RP

Previously, people have had to rely on discord roles when interacting with other characters, already shaping a certain image of them even before their characters have met. With this command, the dynamic shifts a bit. Whenever you meet a person for the first time, you should use the see command in order to get a feel for what their character looks like. If you do not use the see command, it can be argued that you haven't paid enough attention to the person and might forget what they look like (which is crucial in situations when someone asks you to describe someone else). As a general rule of thumb, when you're about to approach someone for RP for the first time, you should use the see command as a method of committing that person to your memory. You can't acknowledge weapons, clothes, armor, etc. without first noticing them with the see command.

Since see is such a simple and costless command, it should be used relatively often! Misusing it, however, will carry heavy penalties! (Like using it on people who aren't in the same channel as you)

Seeing people IC will commit them to your character's memory! The bot will send you a DM with their information which you may reference in the future with that character. If you have not used the see command on a character, you are not able to recall details about them!

Cloaking Command


All clothes (excluding Regular Clothes) have the ability to cloak their user. If you want to cloak yourself, simply use the cloak command to toggle your cloak and hood. Being Cloaked means that others won't be able to gain much information by using the see command on you. Having the Cloaked role turns all of your Overt roles Covert. It also provides additional benefits for other rolls like the ones found in the Theif and Inside vs Outside pages. Having the Cloaked role means that other users who use see on you won't be able to perceive the following: -Your jewelry -Your hair color -Your eye color -Your heritage -Your gender -Your age

For Infamy route characters:

Those within the Infamy route will be given more information about others when using the see command. When a member of the underground sees someone, it is almost second nature to try to dig up as much as possible about them. Those who are the Dilettante rank or above will be given the person's district and burh if they see someone uncloaked. This is particularly useful for thieves who intend to burglarize someone's home since you need to know where they live exactly.

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