How to move from one channel to another?

One of our core principles is freedom of RP. However, we have to enforce some rules to keep us from devolving into chaos. One of these rules was implemented to regulate the way characters can move from one place to another, places being represented by Discord channels. In order to enter a channel, you have to know which channel you can do that from, you have to type an exit and entrance message, etc. The Moving mechanic enables users to seamlessly and easily move their characters from one place to another without even knowing the way pathing is handled in Medieval Discord.

Moving between channels

The server is structured so that the main points of interest within the City of Rosewood are represented by channel categories. These categories have channels within them which represent specific locations where RP can occur. One location is represented by one channel.

The uppermost channel, the first one, is the nexus channel. To enter and leave categories you must go through the nexus channels. Think of these nexus channels as hubs that you may RP in, but which you must go through to reach other categories.

The only exception to this would be the Far Away Lands category in which every channel can be considered a nexus channel.

You don't have to worry about this too much since the move command will handle all of this automatically for you.

r!move [@user]

When used, the move command will open up a drop-down menu, with a list of channels you can go to from the channel you are currently in. Moving between categories, through nexus channels, will cost you 2 Stamina.

The [@user] argument is optional and can only be used to move other characters with you that are either Bound, Unconscious, or Intermission. This will move them to the channel you move to. When targeted, the user will be asked for their consent (only if they are Bound). If they refuse to move with you, combat will be initiated! Ignoring the prompt for 10 minutes will trigger an automatic "Yes." Moving through the Main Gate-Walls with another user with this command will trigger an automatic arrest of both characters!

If you have 10 Stamina or less, you won't suffer this cost!

The Bot will send a message indicating where you have gone to in the channel where the command was used, and another message indicating where you came from in the channel you chose to go to. When you move to a new channel, you should RP how you got there!

Being Mounted will prevent you from entering Indoors or Cramped channels. If you wish to enter them, you will have to manually dismount first.

Leaving and Entering Rosewood

If you are in one nexus channel, you have the ability to move between them freely. The only exception to this would be the relation between #main_square and #walls. If you are in Rosewood, you can go to the #walls only from the #main_square. Inversely, if you are outside, you can come back into Rosewood only from the #walls channel to the #main_square. For more information on this, check out:

Inside vs Outside

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