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A page detailing the Merchant role within Medieval Discord and their shipment mechanic.


Merchants are people who trade goods and services, often in exchange for money, throughout the Kingdom and far beyond it. They can be involved in local or long-distance trade and can specialize in different types of goods such as textiles, spices, or luxury items like gold and silver. Merchants often travel great distances to purchase goods to sell in different markets. They play a crucial role in France's economy by facilitating the exchange of goods and services across long distances and between different cultures while also facilitating local cooperation between settlements. Merchants often form guilds or associations to protect their interests, regulate trade practices, and provide support to members. They are also influential in the development of banking and financial systems, including the use of credit, bills of exchange, and other revolutionary forms of finance.


#any market in outside settlements

The shipment command is used by the Merchant in order to obtain a Shipment within their inventory which can then be opened with open-shipment. Using the open-shipment command will open a drop-down menu wherein you may choose one of the shipments in your inventory to open. You may only use this command in the #shops and #black_market channels.

Going to any of the local settlements and only getting one shipment will result in a loss of coin for you. To make some profit, you must get two shipments!

Local Shipment Types:

NameValueMarket channelsContents (%chance)

Common Shipment


Frey, Forechester, Shelby, Kington

lemons (5%), oranges (5%), pears (3%), apples (4%), plums (4%), cheese (3%), beer (5%), ale (5%), wine (15%), spirit (4%), dyes (5%), salt (40%), grain (1%)

Uncommon Shipment


Forechester, Shelby, Kington

crystals (25%), lemons (2%), oranges (2%), pears (1%), apples (1%), plums (3%), cheese (1%), beer (1%), ale (1%), wine (10%), spirit (2%), dyes (5%), salt (45%), grain (1%)

Rare Shipment


Shelby, Kington

crystals (50%), lemons (1%), oranges (1%), pears (1%), apples (1%), plums (1%), wine (10%), spirit (1%), dyes (3%), salt (30%), grain (1%)

Unique Shipment



crystals (60%), lemons (1%), oranges (1%), pears (1%), apples (1%), plums (1%), wine (10%), spirit (1%), dyes (3%), salt (20%), grain (1%)

Extraordinary Shipment


Kington (5% chance)

crystals (10%), lemons (1%), cheese (1%), oranges (1%), plums (1%), wine (3%), dyes (1%), salt (1%), silk (40%), spices (40%), grain (1%)

Exotic Shipment Types:

NameValueContents (%chance)

Venice Shipment


silk (10%), spices (20%), salt (5%), amethyst (10%), perfumes (20%), paper (5%), olive oil (10%), vintage wine (20%)

Constaintinople Shipment


silk (10%), spices (10%), salt (3%), amethyst (7%), pearl (4%), paper (3%), written book (30%), olive oil (10%), vintage wine (20%), incense (2%)

Alexandria Shipment


silk (4%), spices (5%), salt (3%), emerald (20%), pearl (5%), written book (45%), perfumes (3%), dried murex (10%), vintage wine (3%), incense (2%)

Baghdad Shipment


silk (3%), spices (3%), salt (2%), emerald (6%), ruby (30%), written book (20%), lapis lazuli (2%), dried murex (15%), vintage wine (4%), damascus steel bar (15%)

Cambay Shipment


silk (3%), spices (3%), salt (1%), emerald (3%), ruby (35%), pearl (1%), written book (10%), lapis lazuli (1%), vintage wine (8%), ivory (35%)

Cathay Shipment


silk (2%), spices (2%), salt (3%), emerald (3%), ruby (5%), pearl (4%), crystals (3%), written book (10%), paper (1%), vintage wine (2%), ivory (20%), tilsent (45%)

Leveling up

Merchants earn XP and level up through the use of the travel command. Even though it's available for everyone, only Merchants earn XP from it.

  • XP Reward: 1-3

  • Reward Cooldown: 24h

For more info on the travel command, make sure to check out the Travel page, where it's all explained.



Using this command will remove any Spices you might have in your inventory and will grant you a variety of exotic spices that range in price between 250 and 350 buckles in total. These spices include pepper, mace spice, nutmeg, saffron, ginger, cinnamon, sugar, grains of paradise, and cloves. Every spice has an equal chance of appearing.

Relationship with the Market and other Users:

The Merchant has direct access to the most valuable items one could legally acquire through the Market. Merchants must make use of the travel command in order to acquire different types of shipments that contain varying items, from grain to tilsent. Once they obtain one or more shipments they are free to return to Rosewood and open them in order to discover the contents and then sell them directly to the Market or to other characters.

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