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A page detailing the Archbishop role within Medieval Discord and their excommunicate and bless commands.


The Bishop is the third rank of the threefold Christian ministry and is the governor of a diocese, the largest subdivision of the Catholic authority. Note that the prefix "arch" simply means "chief" and denotes a more powerful Bishop, and in the Archbishop's case, they rule over an archdiocese. A diocese will contain multiple churches and multiple parishes, dozens even. Concerning the Archbishop of Rosewood, they are the principal authority over the Catholic Church in the Capital, and in France, second only to the Pope. Rosewood City and its surroundings are part of the Archdiocese of Rosewood, under the control of the Archbishop. All Bishops within France owe their allegiance to the Archbishop, who is also the administrative figure of the Cathedral of St. Leena.

The Archbishop is the only role in the clergy that is handpicked from a pool of characters consisting of the top three priests (meaning those with the highest piety) in the clergy. Additionally, it is exclusive to Certified Members. Certain Archbishop characters will not be canonized since they will not meet the age criteria. If you want your Archbishop character to be recognized as canon within MD's lore, they will need to be at least 35 years old and have European heritage.

  • Weekly (Sunday) Paycheck: 200 coin

  • Rank-up Cost: 1000 piety

  • Rank-up Rewards: Episcopal Ring



r!excommunicate <@user>

Used to remove a Catholic from communion, meaning they are effectively strangers to the Catholic Church, and cannot participate in Catholic society. Also grants a negative Charisma modifier.

  • Piety cost: 200

  • Cooldown: 1h

To remove someone's Excommunicated role, an Archbishop can use the command on the same character again.

If a clergy member is excommunicated, they lose their clergy role. Additionally, those with the Excommunicated role cannot be the target of any clergy command.


r!bless <@user> <amount>  

Used to transfer an Archbishop's personal piety onto another clergy member.

<@user> - The mentioned discord user to whom you're transferring some of your piety. <amount> - The amount of piety you want to spend.

  • Piety cost: <amount>

  • Transfer rate: 1/3 of piety spent

  • Cooldown: 1h

Giving certain clergy members your excess piety may inspire loyalty!

In-depth guide:

The Archbishop is in charge of the clergy in France. The only people they cannot command are the Pope, who is the Archbishop's only authority, and the Inquisitor General since they also answer only to the Pope. The Archbishop is the ordained priest of St. Leena's Cathedral, meaning they are in charge of its daily operation. They inherit the commands of the previous roles and gain access to their own as well. Usually, the role struggles with the hierarchy within France, since currently, the King chooses the Archbishop, so it seems that the Archbishop is a servant of both the King and the Pope. However, at times, the Archbishop has chosen the third option, claiming none have authority over them. The Archbishop usually won't have correspondence with regular citizens, unless it's for their clerical duties. They have direct contact with the Pope.

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