Combat Instances and End of Combat

Ever since the beginning of implementing a combat system in MD, we've had certain seemingly unsolvable issues constantly pestering us and blocking us from delivering our true vision for an objective, automated, skill-based combat system. However, with VEA, this all changes. Now, we have complete authority over the system and don't have to rely soley on Discord's roles to convey combat information, although it is still an important aspect of it. One of the most challeging issues has been starting/ending combat; more specifically how to forbid multiple people from participating in what is a 1v1 system, and how are we to give a potentially surrendering character a way out that is handled by the bot. Combat instances solve both of these issues.

Combat Instances

When a character attacks another character with the attack command, both of them are placed within an instance of Combat, given the role In-Combat, and will remain in combat until combat ends. While in combat, neither user can use commands (excluding attack-info, character-info, help, and check-combat-roles). At the beginning of combat, the person who initiated it is the first attacker, and they have the first move. Once they use any move, then the turn is on their opponent who becomes the attacker; this cycle continues until one character emerges as the victor. The ways in which you can lose your In-Combat role are:

DeathSurrenderKnock OutEscape

There is an additional way for both characters to lose the In-Combat role. If one of the combatants times out after not responding for 60 minutes, Combat ends in favor of their opponent and it ends as it would if they had surrendered manually.

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