Buying and selling items on the market!

The Rosewood City Marketplace is a physical space represented by an entire category of channels within Medieval Discord. This is where characters may sell or purchase goods to and from NPC shopkeepers. Rosewood is a large city and the capital of the Kingdom of France. As such, it has nearly everything you can imagine at its disposal. Merchants from all over the known world travel here to sell their wares.



Using the shop command in the #shops presents you with a list of items you can purchase from the market. You may then buy these items with the buy command or if you're just curious about them, you can use the item-info command and find out more about them.

Keep in mind: Sometimes some items may not be available depending on their supply. Normally, this will not be the case. However, during events, Rosewood may experience shortages.

Buy and Sell

r!buy/sell <amount> <item id/item name>

Using the buy and sell commands in the #shops will allow you to access the market and buy/sell items in exchange for coin. You need to input the amount you want to buy/sell first and then the full name/id of the item.

Example: r!buy 3 ale

Your character's charisma will impact their ability to bargain with the NPC in the market. Characters with high charisma will earn more when selling and spend less when buying. 0 CHR β€” buy for 10% more | sell for 10% less

1 CHR β€” buy for 5% more | sell for 5% less

2 CHR β€” buy for normal price | sell for normal price

3 CHR β€” buy for normal price | sell for 5% more

4 CHR β€” buy for 5% less | sell for 10% more

5 CHR β€” buy for 10% less | sell for 15% more

If a modifier would push your CHR over 5, it would have no added effect on the price of items!

Item Info

#shops | #blackmarket
r!item-info <item name>

Using the item-info command will DM you all the relevant stats of any item in the MD Database.

Example: r!item-info arming sword

The Black Market

There is a darker side to the City Market in Rosewood. Certain vendors, corners, and stands seem to operate legally, but they actually deal in illegal items, those that are contraband. These sellers and their places of business are marked in special ways to let those aware of them know how to contact them. However, the Watch is constantly vigilant in the market and if they notice too much traffic in one specific part of the market, they won't hesitate to crack down on it.

Using the shop command in the #black_market will open up a list of items you can buy and sell. However, these items are considered contraband. Having them in your inventory is illegal IC. You can't buy or sell contraband items in the #shops channel.

Unlike the regular shop, the items you can sell and purchase on the black market are of a limited quantity and are directly related to the user economy. Selling contraband to the black market will increase that item's stock while purchasing them will decrease their overall stock.

Buying or selling contraband items carries a 1% chance of being instantly arrested!

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