Certified Membership

Membership Types in Medieval Discord

Medieval Discord distinguished between 8 different membership levels:

  • Stranger (Users who have joined the server, but have not made a character yet; they have no access to 99% of MD)

  • Regular Member (The majority of members. People who have made a character and RP on the server)

  • Certified Member Candidate (These people have been in the server for a bit and show signs of being active IC and OOC)

  • Certified Member (An official part of the MD family. These are users who are known to be active IC, OOC, or both and are what MD wants out of a Discord user)

  • Trusted Member (Discord users the Owners trust explicitly)

  • Staff Member (Handpicked users who the Owners trust with moderating the server)

  • Head of Staff (The user Staff elects to represent and lead them through four-month mandates)

  • Owners (Torrino and Alex - the people who made the server)

How do I become Certified?

The first step toward becoming a Certified Member on MD is to make a character and start role-playing and interacting with people in the General Chat. By doing this consistently, you will likely earn Candidate status. The requirements are listed below:

  • Certified Member Candidate: (1 month minimum on the server, role-playing with other characters, at least 200 messages per month)

  • Certified Member: (3+ months on the server, around 500 messages per month, little to no rule infractions, no involvement in drama of any kind)

  • Trusted Member: (no minimum stay requirement, no RP requirements, no message requirements, no involvement in drama of any kind, personal requirements)

  • Staff Member: (Must be Certified Member, an active member of MD, with little to no rule infractions, no involvement in drama of any kind, personal requirements)

Losing your Membership

There are three ways you might lose your membership role:

  1. Inactivity To maintain their Certified status, members should ensure they are active on a monthly basis. Trusted and Candidate members, on the other hand, do not need to worry about losing their status due to inactivity for longer periods. If a member has been inactive without reason for several months, we may have to remove their Certified status. However, it is not difficult to regain the status.

  2. Toxicity/Drama Members who engage in toxic conversations or act offensively towards other users will have their membership rank stripped instantly, including Candidate, Certified, and Trusted. We do not tolerate toxicity on MD, especially among our best. Being involved in server drama is also a good way to lose your membership. It is, however, highly dependent on the context and your personal involvement. Speaking out against toxicity and drama will make sure you keep your membership role. Earning your membership role after toxicity/drama involvement is significantly harder.

  3. Leaving the server By consciously leaving MD for any period of time longer than 13 days, you forfeit your membership roles. You may earn them back, but they will not be granted to you. Trusted Membership is an exception to this rule.

Certified and Trusted Members are privileged to leniency during reviews of their punishments. Some punishments may be cleared to avoid being kicked/banned.

Certified and Trusted members wait less time to create new characters; 5 instead of 7 days. They also have the ability to stream their screens or use their webcams in Voice Chat channels. Trusted Members have an exclusive channel that only other Trusted Members may enter.

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