r!convert <@user>

The convert command is something anyone with at least 4 INT (raw stat β€” without any modifiers) can use. The only limit is that Catholics cannot Baptize other characters. Catholic conversions are done by the Clergy.

In order to convert to a specific religion, you'll need to find someone of that religion, with at least 4 INT. They will be able to convert you (after you accept the conversion request). Characters have access to the convert command every 2h. Just like when someone is converted to Catholicism they get the Baptized role; people who convert from another Abrahamic religion (Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Orthodoxy, Catholic Heresy) will get the covert Apostate role.

Users who are Baptized or Apostate cannot be converted again.

Technically, a character who is Pagan or Atheist can switch between Paganism and Atheism without issue every 2h. This, however, would be FailRP. Being indecisive to an extent is okay, but trolling isn't.

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