Having sexual relations has always been a core part of any society, this holds true for MD as well. Any time your character (male) has intercourse with another character of the opposite gender (female), you must use the pregnant command.

Pregnancies last 3 months In-Character to allow people to have children, while also presenting a drawback for characters who often engage in sexual activity. This, of course, is not true to real life. You should RP as though the pregnancy is a 9-month-long process!

Women cannot equip armor while they are pregnant!

r!pregnant <@female user>



  • (+)Vitality:

    • Male Vitality: (STR+STM)/2

    • Female Vitality: (STR+STM)/2

  • Male Age:

    • Teenage: +0

    • Young: +2

    • Middle-Age: +4

    • Old: +2

    • Elder: +1

  • Female Age:

    • Teenage: +2

    • Young: +4

    • Middle-Age: +3

    • Old: -3

    • Elder: -8

  • (+)Luck Roll: 1-5

If the fertility roll is above nine, then the pregnancy is successful!

Number of Children

  • 75% One child

  • 20% Two children

  • 5% Three children

Child gender (for every child if there are multiple):

  • 50%Male

  • 50%Female

Mother Mortality: [%]

  • Base: 20%

  • (+)Age:

    • Teenage: 10%

    • Young: 5%

    • Middle-Age: 10%

    • Old: 15%

    • Elder: 30%

  • (+)Number of children:

    • One: 0%

    • Two: 10%

    • Three: 30%

    • (-)Vitality: (STR+STM)/2%

Child Mortality: [%]

  • Base: 30%

  • (+)Complications Roll: 1-30%


During the three-month pregnancy, the mother may miscarry. The factors and actions that contribute to a miscarriage are:

  • Drinking alcoholic drinks: 2%

  • Any decrease in your HP: (Damage taken)%

  • Getting knocked out during combat: 10%

  • Getting maimed during combat: 25%

  • Becoming Encumbered: 3%


There are many methods to consider when a woman wants to have an abortion during this period. However, abortion is strictly prohibited and seen as something associated with sex workers most of all. All things considered, women still got abortions and some were even given abortions in cases where the mother's life was believed to be at risk. In Rosewood, this can only be done with the approval of the Head Medicus, and the method most commonly used is the ingestion of herbal remedies, primarily Pudding Grass Milk.

Drinking Pudding Grass Milk has a success rate of 50% in ending a pregnancy. However, it also carries with itself a 65% mortality rate, since it is highly poisonous.

Men can also ingest Pudding Grass Milk, but it has no benefits!

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